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Why travel with us ?

Becasuse we are a travel company formed by a group of young professionals working on the different stages of tourism: biology, forestry, ecotourism and conservation; who have joined forces in order to pursue excellence in providing quality travel services, while respecting and maintaining common goals that contribute to the vision of Agenda 21, "Act locally, think globally."

Because we support progress of real sustainable tourism, namely respecting environment and its local population.

Because each guest pays $ 5,00 in order to support programs and projects of conservation of biodiversity in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Because we are a reputable company with more than 20 years of experience in organizing trips in Ecuador.

Because we improve the labor situation of local people due to the development of sustainable tourism.

Because we support environmental protection in each of our touristy programs.

Because we are a company that is in the process of receiving the environmental certificate "Certificación de Buenas Prácticas Ambientales".

Because we are member of the Conservation Group Yuturi which searches for alternative measures to combine tourism and environmental protection.

Because we are an environment-friendly organisation, not founded in order to earn money but to save the wildlife and environment in the Ecuadorian rainforest sustainable.

Because each of our programs is offert via the conservation group YUTURI, that offers excellent service.

Remember ... To save the wildlife is to protect us !!!

Yuturi Conservation Group

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